3 Best Marketing Automation Tools You Need to Use

The advent of the internet and impeccable developments in the world have impacted the business world significantly. Today, you can use different and advanced strategies to advertise and market your business. If you are not new to the online world, you have probably heard or read about marketing automation tools. And if you don’t have […]

Atiframe Builder Version 4.0 Changelog

Its a long time with no releases but our work never stops. We continue improving functions and design opportunities. We added 5 builder elements, improved a lot of user experience comviq, update plugins for our SEO & web design agency WordPress theme. added Image Effect element; Example added Team Extended element; added Counter Extended […]

Road Map for March

In the next 5-6 weeks I plan to release a new design for fitness coach and prepare 4 designs for SEO/advertising agencies. Plugin SecretLab Stack will be redesign and rebranding to Marketing and SEO Tools plugin. I want to achieve 90+ in the new Google PageSpeed test and improve mobile first experience so, I plan […]

Mobile Website Speed in 2019: Stats & Trends

Google has been pushing for faster websites for years. And experts agree with Google as it makes sense that slow websites are disliked by every internet user in these digital times. No wonder, every internet marketer was crazy about improving website speed in 2019. Why all the hullabaloo about improving website speed? A couple of […]

SEO Statistics of 2018 You Have to Be Aware Of [Infographic]

If you run a website of any kind, you’ll understand how important search engine optimization is. If your site is not properly optimized, you’re bound to lose out on a lot of business. After all, there are millions of sites all competing for attention online, and you need to stand out in the search results […]

Atiframe Builder Version 1.5 Changelog

In the update, we made not many changes, but 1 core change is theme slug. We decide to change theme slug fro atiframe to atiframe builder, so we will help to update theme the to our old customers.