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What do our clients say about our WordPress themes?

It is absolutely the best theme for WordPress. both from the technical point of view, of graphics, of personalization and of course of the price. practically with this theme, I can do all the customizations I want. it's really a beautiful theme.


This theme is the Best one i have purchased from themeforest. Due to customer support & amount of features available in the theme .....Awesome theme ...So happy that i have purchased right one for my business


Upgrading this theme review because since last month i have seen many changes and ease of use.

Great Work Team just improve response time. else everything is Great


A very customizable theme, lots of features, helpful support. 
I needed the theme for my agency website, after having a bad experience with a previous theme, and I selected it after comparing lots of other potential choices.

Fortunately, I found out I've made a good choice and when I bumped across anything which I couldn't handle, I wrote the support team and they helped me out until I got my website as I intended.

I even found out that the support guys did more than they were supposed to, as they even pointed out to me and solved completely my little customization omissions.

There are more to say about how great this theme is and the guys behind it, but I really don't want to spoil it all by praising them too much. 🙂

R E S P E C T!


I can only say positive things about Oleg and his team. The support and help from these guys has gone beyond the call of duty. In fact, i would say it's by far the best we have ever had, and they clearly have a great attitude!

With regards to the theme license we purchased - it's a steel. The amount of work and thought that has gone into this theme is phenomenal, and the actual purchase price is almost a gift.

If you are looking for something that stands out and with strong support - you are in the right place!

Well done guys, and thanks for all your effort - much appreciated!


Our agency has built thousands of sites (both theme-based and custom). For our own site which we redesign about every 2 years, we typically use 3rd party themes because it saves a lot of time and cost. We're almost done with the rebuild using The SEO and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed. For an out-of-the-box agency theme, this is as good as they come. Beautiful design, clean code, fast loading, extreme customizability...I honestly can't find a single fault with it. We've had to use developer support a few times and they've been outstanding—easily in the top 1% we've experienced through Envato authors.

A few reviews have claimed it was difficult to navigate making changes. The truth is, this is the price you pay for such a feature-rich theme. There's a learning curve while you figure out how the author has laid things out. This is true with *every* theme, but the more features you have, the greater the learning curve. The alternatives are have less features or build your own theme.

There was also a review claiming the theme is slow-loading or has bloated code. This is false. The code is clean and it's fast-loading. The cause of their problem is actually incorrect server configuration, which can be remedied easily by contacting your host or you can do it yourself if you know how.

We're looking forward to future releases from this theme author and will most likely use their themes again for our redesigns.


Very beautiful theme. 
It is the best theme for repair sites. Great support! 
Highly recommend this theme to everyone! 
Nice designed.

Good luck, theme team!


Do you want to buy this theme? Don't even hesitate, because theme is very good and support team even better.

I bought theme just after first release (there were only 20 sales that time yet) and I have to say, even when there was some problem, like bug or just I was complaining about something, support helped me to solve it quick and easy.

Their support is really great and if you prefer high quality support and themes, you should buy it from these guys. They know what they do.


Fantastic support, quality of design and plugins. Would recommend for security companies needing a quick solution.


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