Atiframe Builder Version 4.0 Changelog

Changelog: Atiframe Builder Version 4.0 Its a long time with no releases but our work never stops. We continue improving functions and design opportunities. We added 5 builder elements, improved a lot of user experience comviq, update plugins for our SEO & web design agency WordPress theme. added Image Effect element; Example added Team…

Atiframe Builder Version 1.5 Changelog

Changelog: Atiframe Builder Version 1.5 In the update, we made not many changes, but 1 core change is theme slug. We decide to change theme slug fro atiframe to atiframe builder, so we will help to update theme the to our old customers.

Atiframe Builder version 1.3 changelog

Changelog: Atiframe Builder version 1.3 We decided to make a free version of the theme with drag&drop builder because we want to increase the quality of user experience in website creating. We still preparing a free version of Atiframe Builder to repository, but it available for download on

Atiframe Builder version 1.2 changelog

Changelog: Atiframe Builder version 1.2 We glad to introduce and update 1.2 for Atiframe Builder and SEO Atiframe  2018 themes. – added modal window that appears when user wants to left the website. The modal window has options for a delay and how often to shot it; – added visual builder for modal windows; –…

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