Infographic SEO Statistics of 2018 You Have to Be Aware Of

SEO Statistics of 2018 You Have to Be Aware Of

If you run a website of any kind, you’ll understand how important search engine optimization is. If your site is not properly optimized, you’re bound to lose out on a lot of business. After all, there are millions of sites all competing for attention online, and you need to stand out in the search results if you want long-term, organic traffic.

Sure, PPC advertising will help to drive some traffic, but it’s not the most effective strategy. But did you know that around 80% of users ignored paid results completely? So, if you’re relying solely on PPC advertising, you could be losing eight out of ten visitors. What business can afford that?

The editors at SEO Tribunal uncovered a lot of other interesting facts during their research. They summed up what they learned pretty thoroughly in the infographic that accompanies this post, so be sure to read it through and get some more top tips.

What does come through clearly from their research is that SEO is extremely important and that there are a lot of ways to drive organic traffic. Something else that comes across very strongly is that it is important to think about SEO when constructing your site/blog, and when creating content for it.

Making sure that your content is of high quality is one of the most effective tools to drive organic traffic. Great content will keep your audience on your site for a lot longer, and this has a very positive effect on your SERP rankings. It can, therefore, be worth your company’s while to set aside a larger budget when it comes to creating content.

Content needs to be created with the audience in mind. It must be well-organized and easy to scan. Putting everything into a huge block of text will be very off-putting for your visitors. People don’t want to have to do a lot of work when it comes to reading, and a huge block of text looks a lot more intimidating than several short paragraphs, with headers and subheaders.

Creating informative, and well-organized content should be the first step that anyone serious about SEO should take. But it is only the starting point. Want to learn the rest? Take a look at the following fact-packed infographic.

Infographic SEO Statistics of 2018 You Have to Be Aware Of

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