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  • Item Name: The Lawyer - Attorneys & Law Firm WordPress Theme
  • Item Version: Version 1.1.3
  • Minumum Required: WordPress Version 4.1
  • Author by: SecretLaboratory
  • Support via Email :
  • Support via HelpDesk Panel :

The Lawyer is theme for Attorneys, Lawyers, Law Firms, Consultans and Legal Officers.

Minimal Requirements for Theme

  • - Wordpress 4.1 or higher.
  • - PHP 5.4 or higher.
  • - MySQL 5 or higher.
  • - PHP.ini settings: .
    • - max_execution_time 120
    • - memory_limit 128M
    • - post_max_size 32M
    • - upload_max_filesize 32M

We reccomend to use the latest version of WordPress and online version of the documentation.

Getting Started back to top

The documentation is intended to help you to install and setup The Lawyer theme. If you have any problems, please send us ticket and we'll help you troubleshoot and solve the issue!

How to Install WordPress back to top

Installing Wordpress Instruction at WordPress Codex

If you are beginner with WordPress, we recommend that you explore the WordPress Codex

How to Install The Lawyer Theme back to top

There are 2 way to install WordPress themes – via WordPress admin and via FTP

1st way: Upload via FTP Server

1. Download archive with the theme on your Themeforest account.

2. Unzip archive and upload it into your WordPress Theme directory /wp-content/themes/.

3. Open the WordPress admin panel by going to

4. Go to Appearance > Themes on the sidebar.

5. Activate The SEO theme.

2nd way: Upload via WordPress Admin

1. Open wordpress admin panel (navigate through web browser to the folder where you have installed the WordPress e.g and go Appearance > Themes on admin sidebar..

2. Click on the Add new button.

3. Click on the Upload Theme button.

4. Click on the choose file button, select "" and click Open, and than Install Now button.

5. Activate The SEO theme

Install Plugins & Content

After you activate the theme, install and activate SecretLab Installer.

After plugin SecretLab Installer activated, go to Appearance -> Welcome and you can start to install the theme. Choose Import Data if you want install the theme with demo content. Or click Start installation button if you want to make clean install.

You will see success message after theme will installed.

Go to Theme Options and Save it!. Congratulation, all done!

If you are install the theme without demo data, go to Appearance -> Menu and Create a menu. All done!

Manual Theme Install

If you cannot finished automatic installation and got any server arrors, you can use manual installation. There are step-by-step installation functions - just click and wait. There are 11 steps. Eмery step can be done automatically by button Do it or manually by link (if it couln't be done automatically).

1. Install and activate plugins.

2. Refresh the page.

Video how to make step-by-step automatic install and full manual, if something went wrong

Files for full manual installation contains at folder /the-lawyer/import/.

Explanation for video

If you got error, you can see what happened in Install Log and ask your server/hosting administrator to check error log, to get a reason of error. Also you can use Manual Install

After you activate the theme, install and activate SecretLab Installer.

After plugin SecretLab Installer activated, go to Appearance -> Welcome and you can start to manual install the theme.

You can continue installation process from step that got error.

1. Click Begin installing plugins section

Select all plugins, choose Install and click Apply.

2. Click Begin activating plugins. Select all plugins, choose Activate and click Apply.

3. After the installation and activation of the plugins is complete, go to Appearance > Welcome and choose next step Import Custom Post Types. On the Import/Export page choose types_plugin_settings.xml file in the /import/ folder and click Import file. This is Custom Post Type for portfolio, testimonials, services and teammates.

You will be prompted for what groups, fields, and types you want to create. Select them all. This will create the Custom Post Types for portfolio, testimonials, services, and teammates.

4. Click Import Sliders on welcome page. Click Import Slider on the screen that comes up.

Click Browse button, choose the slider in the /import/sliders/ folder and click Import. You need to import all of sliders for your selected design.

5. Click Import Theme Option Set on welcome page. Open file with theme option settings in the /import/name_of_design/ folder. For example, /import/SEO digital/theme_options_seodigital.json. Copy all text data, click button import from file, paste the data into the textarea, and click Importbutton.

6. Click Add Icons Sets or go to Ultimate -> icon Manager and click button Upload new icons and choose zip archive at /import/icons/ folder and click Insert Fonts Zip File button. Do the same with

7. Click Set Menu Checkboxes and set ncheckboxes for custom post types at Screen Option tab.

8. Click Set WP Bakery visibility for Portfolio, Services and Posts and set ncheckboxes for custom post types at Screen Option tab. And click Save Changes button

9. Click Import Demo Content on welcome page. Choose the dummy data file in the /import/ folder. There are two identical dummy data folder. They are named for your hosting capabilities. The 1 Part XML Import is for fast servers. The 7 Part XML Import is for slower servers. Choose the one you need, select the xml file(s), click Upload file and import

When import process finished you can see inscription All done. Have fun!.

If you receive either the Request Timeout or 500 Server Internal Error it means the import process was unable to finish for 1 step. You can solve this in two ways:

1) If you tried the 1 Part XML, use the 7 Part XML Import (For slow web hosts).

2) Press key F5 (refresh page) and click button Resend data if your browser prompts you to do so. This second option may take 10 to 15 repetitions to complete.

After the import process completes, you will got a screen like this:

10. Go to Tools -> Widget Importer & Exporter, choose file with widgets - *.wie file and click Import Widgets.

Website Speed Optimization and Cache plugins

Best way to increase website loading speed is CDN (Content Delivery Network). For example,, it's free

Also you can optimize:

1. Download and install W3 Total Cache plugin
- Go to Performance > General Settings
- At the end of this page you'll find "Import / Export Settings" section which you can import "w3-total-cache-config.json" file. The mentioned file is available via Package Content Folder > IncreasePageSpeed

2. Go to and set your website, it's free. If you dont want to use CDN, you can use only cache plugin

Results after W3 and CDN for homepage

No cache plugin

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache and together

Also I've been tested the theme compatibility with other cache plugins:

  1. WP Super Cache - set it like that
  2. WP Rocket width some scripts to minifying exclusions:

Theme Update

There are 2 ways to update the theme:

1. Update by Envato Toolkit.

2. By FTP

- Download installable archive with thme from ThemeForest.

- Upzip on you computer and unpack it..

- Upload /the-lawyer/ folder at your hosting by ftp into /wp-content/themes/ folder. And say "Yes, replace all files.

- After that - go to Theme Options and click button "Save changes".

- Update plugins from folder /the-lawyer/lib/. You need to update WP Bakery, ultimate Addons for WP Bakery, Revolution Slider, SecretLab Shortcodes, SecretLab Metabox


General Plugins and Documentation back to top

General Plugins

WP Bakery

Online documentation is here
Videotutorials is here

Slider Revolution

Online documentation is here

Online documentation for another plugins

  • Contact Form 7 here
  • Responsive Lightbox here
  • Types here
  • Woocommerce here
  • Ultimate Addons for WP Bakery here
  • Yoast SEO here

License keys for plugins

I bought developer extended licenses for Suppamenu Pro, WP Bakery, Ultimate Addons for WP Bakery and Slider Revolution. I must not share these keys (i have no permision to do it) - i provide updates of plugins with update of the theme.

Also, plugins changing layout and other stuff in new version, so i testing avery plugins updage before share it with you in theme updates. It is save your design and settings.

Where to edit any data? back to top

How to Use Theme Options back to top

General Setting - back to top

You can set your company name, choose your home page, and upload your logos and favicon here.

Contact & Map - back to top

You can add your contact information

Social Networks - back to top

You can toggle the social icons on and off and add the urls of your social pages.

Design Options - back to top

On the Layout tab, you can set transition time for effects, and choose page layout and sidebar options.

On the Header tab, you can choose header type, slider, or hero scene. (Sliders can be created in Slider Revolution.) You can also turn the top bar off.

On the Footer tab, you can edit the copyright text and background that appear in the footer.

On the Menu tab, you can edit menu colors and sticky option.

On the Menu tab, you can edit menu colors and sticky option.

On the Custom Post Types tab, you can edit H1 headings and description for Portfolio, Testimonials, Team and Services Categories pages. Also there are colum options for Portfolio (Case Studies) and Services Categories.

Custom Options - back to top

On the Custom tab, you can add any custom CSS and JS code and turn off the Scroll to top button.

Typography Options - back to top

Powerfull setting for typography.

Shop Options - back to top

Select slider and sidebar options for your store.

Blog Options - back to top

This is where you customize your blog display options. Select page layout, sidebar, and column options. These options work for the blog page, /blog/ category and subcategories pages. You can also select slider for blog's header.

Color Schemes - back to top

You can edit colors and save and import color sets. Import our 3 basic color sets from file 3_color_kits.json as an example to see how things work.

Import & Export Options - back to top

Save and upload your Theme option settings.

How To's back to top

1. How Sidebar System Work?

For any page or post you can add individual sidebar setting by our Metabox plugin
For Shop - Theme Options -> Shop. You can add nessesary widgets in Appearance -> Widgets at Left Shop Sidebar and Right Shop Sidebar
For Blog - Theme Options -> Blog. You can add nessesary widgets in Appearance -> Widgets at Left Blog Sidebar and Right Blog Sidebar.

We recommed put all your blog's categories into Blog category with slug /blog/ for proper operation of blog's settings.

Global Settings, exclude blog and shop. - Theme Options -> Design -> layout. You can add nessesary widgets in Appearance -> Widgets at Left Sidebar and Right Sidebar

2. Shortcodes in WP Bakery

Post by post-type and category

It displays feed of posts by category and post-type.

Testimonials Posts with Carousel

It displays feed of testimonials in 2 columns-carousel with dots-navigation.

Testimonials Posts with Carousel

It displays feed of testimonials in 1 column-carousel with dots-navigation.

Testimonials Posts with Carousel

It displays feed of testimonials in 1 column-carousel with dots-navigation.

Digital Theme Post Format, 2 columns

It displays feed of posts.

Teammate Posts with Carousel

It displays feed of teammates in 2 columns-carousel with arrows-navigation.

Teammate with Carousel 2

It displays feed of teammates in 3 columns-carousel with dots navigation.

Price Table Layout#1

It displays price table.

Price Table Layout#2

It displays price table.

1425 icons - if you got trouble with icons after import

1. Go to Ultimate -> Icon Manager
2. Click button Upload New Icons
1. 3. Choose (you can upload it from /the-lawyer/import/icons/) and click button Insert Fonts Zip File
2. 4. Success!

Set RTL language

1) Go to WordPress Admin Menu > Settings > General and select the RTL language that you want to use for your website using the Site Language option.

2) WP Bakery RTL mode will be activated automatically when the RTL language is selected under the WordPress general settings.

3) Also you can enable RTL support in Ultimate Addons for WP Bakery on page

Support Desk back to top

Please remember you have purchased a very affordable theme. You have not paid for a full-time web design agency. Occasionally, we will help with small tweaks, but these requests will be put on a lower priority due to their nature. Support is also 100% optional and we provide it for your convinience, so please be patient, polite and respectful.

Please visit our profile page or ask question

Our theme support includes:
  • * Responding to questions or problems regarding the theme and its features
  • * Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • * Providing updates to ensure compatibility with new software versions
Theme support does not include:
  • * Customization and installation services
  • * Support for third party software and plug-ins
Before seeking support, please...
  • * Make sure your question is a valid Theme Issue and not a customization request.
  • * Make sure you have read through the documentation and any related video guides before asking support on how to accomplish a task.
  • * Make sure to double check the theme FAQs.
  • * Try disabling any active plugins to make sure there isn't a conflict with a plugin. And if there is this way you can let us know.
  • * If you have customized your theme and now have an issue, back-track to make sure you didn't make a mistake. If you have made changes and can't find the issue, please provide us with your changelog.
  • * Almost 80% of the time we find that the solution to people's issues can be solved with a simple "Google Search". You might want to try that before seeking support. You might be able to fix the issue yourself much quicker than we can respond to your request.
  • * Make sure to state the name of the theme you are having issues with when requesting support via ThemeForest.

Files & Sources back to top

Included Stylesheets

These are the primary CSS files used for general front-end styling. Use these to customize your theme even further. All included JavaScript codes under the-lawyer/css/

  • 1. alico.css - Stylesheet for 1425 icons
  • 2. theme.css - Theme stylesheet
  • 3. dynamic.css - Stylesheet with curent design after compiler, with colors from theme options
  • 4. editor-style.css - Used to style the TinyMCE editor
Included JavaScript

These are the various attribution inks to the Javascript files included or modified to work with in this theme. All included JavaScript codes under the-lawyer/js/

  • 1. js/modernizr-2.7.1.min.js - Modernizr
  • 2. main.js - Our Custom JavaScript
  • 3. bootstrap.min.js - Bootsrap JavaScript
  • 4. widget_carousel.js - Widget Testimonials Carousel JavaScript
  • 5. welcome.js - Welcome page installation process JavaScript
  • 6. /js/lib/*.js - Slick JavaScript

Version History (Changelog) back to top

You can find the version history (changelog.txt) file on folder or you can check changelog on theme sale page.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the themes on ThemeForest, you might consider visiting the forums and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.


						The Lawyer 1.1.3 • 14 / 08 / 2016
						- fixed logo address functions;
						- fixed <select> for Safari;
						- fixed Child Theme;
						- updated SecretLab Metabox plugin - no images with Child Theme;
						- updated plugin Ultimate Addons for WP Bakery up to 3.16.7;
						- updated plugin WP Bakery up to 4.12;
						The Lawyer 1.1.2 • 10 / 07 / 2016
						- fixed product columns after Woocommerce 2.6;
						- updated plugin Ultimate Addons for WP Bakery up to 3.16.6;
						The Lawyer 1.1 • 13 / 06 / 2016
						- added font weight parameter for body;
						- added Business Lawyer homepages;
						- added Family Lawyer homepages;
						- added Criminal Lawyer homepages;
						- added header with big phone number and CTA-button;
						- added dark version of design;
						- added blue corporate version of design;
						- added slider with Contact Form;
						- fixed 404 error page - search line layout at WP was changed;
						- fixed topbar grid;
						- fixed related products block at product page;
						- fixed 3-lvl menu item hover color;
						- fixed icon style 3;
						- fixed pageloader animation - moved to page code;
						- updated plugin Ultimate Addons for WP Bakery up to 3.16.4;
						- updated plugin Revolution Slider plugin up to;
						- updated plugin TGM plugin up to 2.6.1;
						- updated plugin WP Bakery plugin up to;

						The Lawyer 1.0.1 • 19 / 04 / 2016
						- Types plugin logic was updated - fixed installer function;
						- updated Revolution Slider up to ver. 5.2.5;
						- updated WP Bakery up to ver. 4.11.2;
						- compatibility with WordPress 4.5.

						Version 1.0 - 19 / 04 / 2016

						- Initial Release